Values & Sustainability

Our social responsibility

As a manufactory, we have always been known for the craftsmanship of our employees and the highest quality standards of our products. The goal is for these products to be in harmony with people and nature. Step by step, we are working to make progress towards the highest standard in the industry.

Our different types of Leckerli are created fresh by hand every day in the manufactory, using selected raw materials such as bee honey, almonds, flour, sugar, candied fruit, spices, kirsch and exquisite chocolate.

Raw materials

In procurement, we pay special attention to principles of sustainability by expecting our partners to comply with economic, social and environmental framework conditions.

We take responsibility by promoting, demanding and trying to live sustainable behavior at all levels in the supply chain.

Sustainable procurement is a challenge that is not always easy or guaranteed. Therefore, in most cases we maintain personal contacts with our suppliers, which brings us joint success with sustainable economic, social and ecological results. We ensure that our partners treat their employees fairly. We strive to achieve environmentally and climate-conscious procurement.


As a manufactory, the employee represents a central production force and assumes an important role in the manufacturing process.

We handle our production material with care. The majority of production machines and equipment are still in daily use after more than 50 years. However, they are regularly and carefully maintained.


Within Basel and neighboring municipalities, transport and delivery is preferably carried out by bicycle courier. The company owns two bicycles itself.


When recruiting, employees who live in the immediate vicinity of the manufactory are preferred. All employees live within a radius of less than 30km from the manufactory; 30% of employees even live within less than 3km.

The company offers opportunities to retired and re-entering employees. Especially in sales, in the packing department or in the office we even have a preference for elderly people. We encourage and support this in a targeted manner.

We attach great importance to equality both among employees and in management. Equal pay for men and women is a matter of course in our company. For more than 10 years, the Board of Directors has been chaired by a woman, today it is Dr. Charlotte Kuster-Gun, before that it was Inge Kiefer.

Zero Food Waste Contribution

Raw material purchasing: We process very few raw materials. Most of them have a very long shelf life. These raw materials are purchased as needed and carefully stored.

Processing: The production processes are designed to ensure that as many raw materials as possible are reused. In our production we take care to avoid leftovers. For example, we reuse flour from the baking sheets and recycle sawdust from the Leckerly (Schraps) back into production.

No overproduction:

Due to the long shelf life of the products and flexible manual production, we can assemble quickly and efficiently without overproduction.

In the most extreme case: Despite the finest tuning, it can happen that products can no longer be sold. We pass these on to customers or to the secondary sales market in compliance with food regulations. In rare cases, we add surpluses, especially of edge pieces and scrapings, to pet food.

Status 08.2022