6. Geschichte
100 Years Comité-Schnitzelbängg

We congratulate and celebrate with this new thin box by Domo Löw.

6. Geschichte
Spalenberg Festival "Spalenberwärts" on March 24th & 25th, 2023


2. Saisonale Produkte
Gallop into 2023

Enjoy a piece of Basel or this can right away

2. Saisonale Produkte
Beastly good!

New Grand Cru Chocolate Leckerly.

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Personalize your gift box.

Offer your personalize cookie box.

4. Manufakturführungn
Visit the historic manufacturing hall.

Learn more about the oldest cookie manufacturer of Switzerland.

6. Geschichte
Thank you Baedeker, for mentioning our cookiestore in the 1844 travel guide.

Would you like to learn more about the history of the Basler Leckerly and our company?

Honey Treat

Läckerli with an intensive honey taste and crunchy almonds. This oldest recipe goes back to Johann Jakob Steiger (1736-1813) and tastes excellent with aperitifs, cheese and also fondue. For people who want to satisfy their longing for the good old days.

Basel treats

Since 1753, we have been continuously pushing one Leckerly tray after another into the oven of our bakery. So we never got around to adapting those recipes. Why should you? After all, we make our treats the way we've always loved them. With the best ingredients from nature and the best skills of our master bakers. For people who love classics.

Chocolate Candy

Basel air is Leckerly fragrance. It is the smell that spreads from the bakery of Jakob's Basler Leckerly all over the city of Basel. The Basler Leckerly, coated with the finest cocoa mass. A wonderful combination. Attention: Only for people who are not afraid to get addicted.

Almond Treats

Läckerli with a pronounced almond flavor. This recipe joined the family in the 20th century. This low gluten pastry is hand stamped with a wooden model. For all those people who are looking for an alternative to the Basel Leckerly.

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Lällekönig Dose – Inhalt gemäss Ihrem Wunsch

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2020 Geschenkabo v3

Jahres-Abo “Überraschung”, 12 x 500g (inkl. Versand)

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Gemischte Leckerly Münster Box 700g

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Rahmtäfeli Zolli Sack 100g

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Basler Leckerly Classic Piccolissimo 1kg

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Basler Leckerly Classic Mini Dose Vorstadt 10 Stk.

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      Jakob’s Basler Leckerly Tierparade Znüni Box

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      Basler Leckerly Classic Singvogel Dose – 17 Stück

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      Gemischte Leckerly Singvogel Dose Violet 600g

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      Leckerly Herz (Classic)

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      Basler Leckerly Classic Postkarten Box mit Rose 16 Stk.

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      Grand Cru Leckerlyschoggi

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      Basler Leckerly Weihnachts- Buchstaben Dose – Inhalt & Grösse gemäss Ihrem Wunsch

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      Basler Leckerly Classic Mini Dose Fähri 10 Stk.

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