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The Leckerly Family

Honey Treat

Since 1753, we have been continuously pushing one Leckerly tray after another into the oven of our bakery. So we never got around to adapting this recipe. Why should you? This original Leckerly recipe goes back to Johann Jakob Steiger (1736- 1813).

Basel treats

Basel air is Leckerly fragrance. It is the smell that spreads from the bakery of Jakob's Basler Leckerly all over the city of Basel. This award-winning treat has been made with nature's finest ingredients and the best skills of our master bakers since the 19th century.

Chocolate Candy

This refinement of the classic Leckerly originated in the 20th century. The classic Basler Leckerly, covered in the finest chocolate-cocoa mass from Felchlin. Attention: Only for people who are not afraid to get addicted.

Almond Treats

Läckerli with a pronounced almond flavor. This recipe joined the family in the 20th century. This low-gluten pastry is made without flour and embossed by hand using a wooden mold. For all those people who are looking for an alternative to the Basel Leckerly.

Grand Cru Leckerly

This is a refinement of the classic Leckerly; it is coated in the internationally award-winning Maracaibo 65% Grand Cru Couverture. This treat for chocoholics was created in the 21st century and is part of the dessert treat series.

Spring treats

This is a refinement of the honey treat; it is covered in a fresh lemon glaze. This dessert treat was created in the 21st century because Julie, then four years old, wanted pink treats. Only available from March to September

Leckerly Chocolate

The Maracaibo 65% Grand Cru Couverture is enriched with crunchy almonds and Leckerly crumbs that are created during the Leckerly sawing process. This product was created in search of a use for sawdust.


The VOLRO cracker – made from whole grain and rye meal – was developed as healthy children’s food in the 1920s. The then revolutionary recipe came from Dr. Dr. hc Adolf Roos (1888-1974) and Karl Jakob (1877-1941). Dr. Roos discovered the connection between nutrition and healthy teeth in old age.

Basel family business for over 270 years

Jakob’s Basler Leckerly – with the legal name «Karl Jakob Nachf. von JJ Steiger sel. Erben AG» is today the oldest independent company in Basel. The basis of the unique reputation and great appreciation of the Basel family business lies in the tireless pursuit of perfection. This basic attitude is manifested in four basic pillars that have always embodied the way the manufactory thinks and works.

Basel Manufactory

With much love, we have been focusing on the highest baking art for centuries. Leckerly has been produced, refined and packaged by hand in our studios in the old town of Basel for over 270 years. See for yourself: The historic factory can be visited from Monday to Saturday.


The Basler Leckerly is part of Switzerland’s culinary heritage. Jakob's Basler Leckerly has played a pioneering role in shaping this history like no other company since 1753. This is how the company rose from Leckerly pioneer to Leckerly king. We think long-term and nurture this legacy with great care from generation to generation. Learn more about the history of the Basel family business


The manufacturer has maintained its pioneering role with award-winning Leckerly creations. With award-winning and creative packaging, the treats become a special gift. We use our strengths for our customers: Surprise your partners & friends with personalized packaging. Let us inspire you – we will be happy to advise you.


Our products have always been in harmony with people and nature. We use selected raw materials from sustainable cultivation whenever possible, pay attention to zero food waste during processing, prefer employees who live close to their workplace and transport Leckerly in Basel by bike.

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Rahmtäfeli Cello-Sack 100g

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Gemischte Leckerly Vogelbaum grün 600g

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Jakob’s Basler Leckerly Dschungel Sara Miller 12 Stk.

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